We’re a family business in Wellington New Zealand, having ideas, making stuff and, like you. We’re shipping each order with a little Wishbone joy to help you pause and be present for the milestones and memories this year! Above all, we’re humans, hoping to change things. Maybe you’ll buy less because your Wishbone is great. Make repairs or dive into a refurb then re-gift. Maybe you’ll slow down, take time, get outdoors. Watch the clips below to go inside our studio and learn what makes us tick. We’re creating a new generation of classic children’s designs. You can trust us to invent simple things that work well. We deliver awesome play value using fewer, better materials. And just so we’re clear, we’re not trying to sell you anything. You should purchase only what you need and love. Nothing more.

Wishbone Products:
● Easily modifiable
● Strong materials
● Easy to repair
● Ecological
● Sustainable
● Modular

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